Welcome to the New Harvard Club of Boston


Making what is old, new again.

Coming Fall 2015

Like any vibrant institution, the Harvard Club of Boston has changed over its 100 year history, and now the building at the center of this exclusive community is changing as well. Reflecting a more modern perspective, the Club is undergoing an exciting transformation.
A transformation that will create fresh new spaces that in turn will support new programs at this venerable institution. Designed with the contemporary member in mind, the renovation will serve as the linchpin of a vital Club for the next 100 years.

Relax. Reconnect. Refresh.

The Veritas Lounge

Coming in Fall 2015 is Veritas Lounge, the new destination for fun and relaxation. Drop in for dinner, or for a drink after work. You can come on your own, since there will always be people here you know, or bring your friends. The new lounge will be your private oasis.

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Casual elegance.


For an upscale dining experience with a comfortable atmosphere, members will soon have Veritas. Updated with a more contemporary feel and elegant finishes, this is the place to start your fun night on the town, or for your special occasions.

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Wine and Dine.

The Back Bay Wine Room

Available for private dining and special occasions, the Back Bay Wine Room is a cozy and sophisticated spot for a memorable event.

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Step into a new world.

The New Rear Entrance

Our new entrance from the parking lot will take you directly to the main level and provide an inviting entryway for you and your guests.

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See change as soon as you walk in.

The New Foyer

With a bright and airy entry foyer, the new entrance from the parking lot will set the stage for a more comfortable and inviting experience.

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The New Harvard Club of Boston

A World-class Venue for Today’s Guests

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Welcome to the Harvard Club of Boston.

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